Food in Rohtak

Food in Rohtak

People of Rohtak are primarily vegetarian and wheat is the main ingredient of their diet. Haryanvis are basically farmers and the state of Haryana abounds with vegetables. Haryanvis like simple and healthy food and their daily diet includes the following:
  • Plenty of lentils (particularly the kidney beans or “Rajma”) - taken with chapattis or rice along with “Ghee”
  • “Bajre(or black millet) ki Khichri”- poriddge made with moong dal and bajra
  • “Karhi”- chickpea flour whisked in yogurt
  • “Alu ki tikiyas”- prepared with mashed potatoes and spicy lentils are used for stuffing and it is consumed with tamarind (“imli”) chutney
  • “Bathua raita”- Bathua leaves beaten in spiced yogurt
  • “Lassi”, milk, buttermilk and “Sharbat” are consumed almost daily
  • Mixed Dal – mixture of a variety of pulses cooked on low heat

Apart from all these Haryanvis like to eat a variety of “Rotis”. They consume a lot of alcohol and both expensive and cheap liquor is hugely consumed by the people residing in this region. Due to abundance of milk, products made from milk like- Ghee, buttermilk, lassi, butter, curd and thandai are consumed on a daily basis by the residents of Rohtak.

Famous Desserts of Rohtak

The desserts made by the people of Rohtak are extremely scrumptious and are prepared from ingredients which are readily available. The Haryanvis specialize in making the following sweet dishes:
  •  “Kheer” - prepared with rice, raisins and sweetened milk
  • “Gajar ka halwa”- prepared with carrots, almonds and sweetened milk
  • “Rabri” – made with sweet buttermilk and wheat flour custard

Cuisines of Rohtak

The following are a few renowned sweet shops located in Rohtak:

  • Gulab Rewri Shop
    Address: Sheela bypass, NH1,
    Rohtak HO, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
    Phone numbers: 012 62311321, 012 62329555 and 012 62318000
    Website address:
  • Nathus Sweets
    Address: Nearr Medical college,
    Rohtak HO, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
    Phone number: 09729922229
    Website address:
  • Haryana Rewri
    Address: Bara Bazar Rohtak, Bhagat Singh Chowk,
    Bara Bazar, Rohtak HO, Haryana, Rohtak, Pin - 124001
    Phone: 09255988408
  • Shree Bikaner Misthan Bhandar
    Address: Jhajjhar rd Rtk, Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
    Phone: 012 62258184

Famous Eateries of Rohtak

Fast Food Restaurants

There are plenty of fast food restaurants in Rohtak which have gained popularity among the locals as well as the tourists visiting the city. Among the well-known fast food joints located in Rohtak - Nagpal food plaza, Annpurna, Subway and McDonalds are worth mentioning.

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The city of Rohtak has a plethora of bakeries which offer a wide variety of baked stuff which is loved and relished by all generations. Bakery hub and Pappu bakery are the prominent bakeries of Rohtak.

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Coffee Shops

Rohtak brags of some outstanding coffee shops which turn out to be the most happening place during weekends and holidays. People can hang out with their friends by checking out one of the eminent Coffee Shops in Rohtak. 

Liquor Shops

Rohtak has some famous liquor shops which contain costly wines, scotch and the cheap quality alcohol as well. Some of the popular names are as follows:
  • English Wine Store
    Address: Delhi road, Company bagh,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
  • Deep Wine
    Address: Sec 25, Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124021
  • English Liquor Wine Shop
    Address: Sukhpura chowk, NH 71A, Tej colony,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001 

Roadside “Dhabas”

Rohtak abounds with roadside eateries which are known as “Dhabas”. The food of a typical dhaba is very rich and spicy as preferred by the Haryanvis. Dhabas are mainly preferred by the taxi drivers and truck drivers but sometimes the locals and tourists also find the dhaba food to be excellent in taste. Once in a while the spicy dhaba food can be savored by everyone.

Restaurants in Rohtak

Rohtak has a plethora of restaurants which offer South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. Whatever might the budget be, from low to high the restaurants in Rohtak fit the pocket of everyone. Read More Here.
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