Emergency Services in Rohtak

Emergency Services in Rohtak

Emergency services are also known as rescue services such as- fire, police, ambulance services, blood banks, animal care, chemists, eye banks etc. These services make sure of the health and safety of the public. Whenever an emergency situation arises it needs to be addressed straight away. For example, if a building catches fire, the fire station located close to that particular location deals with it. Thus, one has to make a call to the nearest fire station in order to deal with the fire. Similarly, the other emergency cases also need immediate attention. Rohtak offers the following emergency services to its residents:

Police Stations in Rohtak

Despite being a small district in Haryana, it consists of nearly 13 police stations which make sure that all the grievances of the people are handled with care. The police have been serving the residents of the district with utmost devotion ever since the creation of Rohtak. It has been able to tackle different kinds of challenges thereby maintaining the security of the people. It has a pool of well trained and efficient members who work hard for providing justice to the people.

Fire Services in Rohtak

There are a number of fire stations located in different parts of Rohtak in order to take control of any kind of mishap occurring as a result of fire. The fire stations handle all kinds of fire calls and make sure that their well equipped staff members reach at the desired spot in the shortest time possible. The fire wing of the Municipal Corporation handles all the requirements.

Blood Banks in Rohtak

There aren’t any major blood banks in Rohtak. However, since it is located close to Delhi, one can easily find the required amount of blood even in case of an emergency. The hospitals like Sant Padmanand and Shir Ganga Ram are very close to Rohtak and offer different blood bank services.

Eye Banks in Rohtak

Pt. B. D. Shamra, a member of the PGIMS Eye Bank has been extending all the services that one can expect of an eye bank for a long period of time.

Ambulance Services in Rohtak

Shanti Maternity and Nursing Home, Saini Hospital, Bharat Nursing Home, Oxygen Hospital and Saaol Heart Center are only some of the popular centers in Rohtak which provide ambulance services and extend a helping hand to all the residents.

Chemists in Rohtak

Almost every corner of Rohtak has a number of chemists who look after the medicinal needs of the people successfully. They have a huge stock of all the latest medicines so that the people don’t need to travel anywhere in order to buy them.

Disaster Management in Rohtak

Analysis has shown that Rohtak is highly prone to floods, fire and earthquakes which can affect a large portion of the population. The District Disaster Management Planning Committee supported by many NGOs does all the hard work for preventing any major damage due to any kind of disaster.

Animal Care in Rohtak

The district of Rohtak has 64 GVHs (Government Veterinary Hospitals) and 46 GVDs (Government Veterinary Dispensaries) along with a number of gaushalas that take care of the animals from time to time.

Emergency services offered by Rohtak prove to be a boon to its inhabitants. In case of any emergency situation you can contact the aforementioned list of services and get the instant attention and care to deal with that particular situation.
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