Culture of Rohtak

The Rohtak city is populated by majority of “Haryanvis” and thus it portrays the ancient culture of Haryana. The inhabitants of Rohtak speak a mixture of languages which include- Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu. However, the most noticeable language is the “Haryanvi” or “Jatu” language which is spoken widely in Rohtak. Jatu is the main language of the Jats in Haryana. Haryanvi language is a bit rude however it is full of simple humor and honesty. The Haryanvis still stick to their ancient traditions of yoga, meditation and Vedic chants.

With the passage of time Rohtak has also developed very quickly and due to its closeness to Delhi, its cultural features have also transformed from traditional to modern.

Fairs and Festivals of Rohtak

Fairs and festivals of RohtakRohtak celebrates the religious and seasonal festivals to praise its rich culture. The famous festivals celebrated here are- Lohri, Basant panchami, Holi, Gangore, Baisakhi, Nirjala Akadshi, Teej, Janmastami, Gugga naumi, Dusshera and Diwali.

The most popular fairs held in and around Rohtak are- Manasi devi mela, Gopal-mochan fair, Basdoda fair, Kartik fair, Surajkund mela, Sili state fair, Madlia naumi, Chetar chaudas mela, Sanjhi mela.

All the festivals and fairs are celebrated with great passion and enthusiasm.

Music and Dance in Rohtak

Music and dance in RohtakFolk dance is not only a form of dance that is performed here but it is a creativity which helps in releasing the fear and apprehensions of the performer. It is a dance form to express one’s feelings in a creative and elegant way. Apart from folk dances dramas, swangs and Haryanvi songs give flavor to the region.

The rural parts of Rohtak are rich in folklores and folk music which represent the true culture of Haryana. The group songs are mainly classical in nature and themes chosen for these songs are generally mythical. Some of these group songs are specially meant for famous festivals like- Teej, Holi and Phag. The country side music consists of songs in which Pahari, Kafi, Bhairavi and Jai jai vanti ragas are mainly used. The Bhats, Jogis and the Saangis are mainly responsible for making the folk music of Haryana so popular in Rohtak and the other rural parts of Haryana.  
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Art and Architectural Heritage of Rohtak

Rohtak was rich in its art and architecture a couple of years back. The city boasted of 50 mansions which were constructed in traditional style of architecture. But due to the growth of commercialization, the owners of these mansions demolished all these beautiful buildings to make shopping malls. Moreover, a lot of stone facades which included attractive motifs and carvings were sold to the heritage dealers. Numerous villages around Rohtak could have abounded with beautiful buildings embellished with pretty elements and conventional architecture if they were taken care of, but now all these are in poor condition and collapsing.

Art and architectural heritage of Rohtak

Craft in Rohtak

In the rural areas of Rohtak pottery is the most popular craft and it is the main profession of the locals. The potters make beautiful toys in the form of tiny animals, houses and people; all these are made of clay. Besides these many utensils and decorative items are also crafted with utmost dedication and perfection and when they are done they are adorned with intricate designs.

Craft in Rohtak

These clay items are in high demand during the seasonal festivals. Some time ago stylish utensils (cups, water vessels, pipe bowls and plates) of unusual shapes were also made in Rohtak. The color of this pottery stuff was pale reddish brown. Nowadays, shiny pottery is also crafted in some areas of Rohtak.

Embroidery is also very popular in some parts of Rohtak which is done by the rural women. A variety of clothes like- dupattas, stoles and shawls consist of heavy embroidery which include beautiful motifs of flowers, humans and birds.

The following are the two main centers in Rohtak where one can enroll to learn art and hand works:

  • Luxmi Handworks & Arts Centre
    Address: Para Mohalla, Near Bhatia High School, Para Mohalla,
    Rohtak HO, Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
    Phone numbers: 9315315374 and 9315395631
  • Apsara Kala Sangam
    Address: 18-R, Behind D Park, Model Town, Near Gulati Sweets,
    Rohtak HO, Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
    Phone numbers: 9802520103 and 9467071221

Farmana Khas- Archeological Site in Rohtak

Farmana KhasFarmana Khas is an ancient archeological site situated in the Meham block of Rohtak, Haryana. This place is spread over an area of 18.5 hectares. This site contains 70 burials that belong to the Mature harappan era dating back to the 2500-2000 BC. This site was unearthed by the Archeological Survey of India in 2006.

Architectural discoveries at Farmana Khas- Copper bangles, pottery, 3 shell bangles, terracotta toys, small gold jewel, wheels, copper earrings, whistle, beads and seals have been discovered from this site.

The recent researches contain facts of inter-regional marriages. These weddings are an evidence of the Harappan culture which was a period when the people used to organize weddings for business purposes. Other possessions that have been unearthed from Framana Khas are bangles brought from Gujarat and beads made of conch shells.

Auditoriums in Rohtak

Auditoriums in Rohtak

Auditoriums in Rohtak provide a great platform for business and social gatherings. Many cultural as well as educational programs take place from time to time in the huge auditoriums of Rohtak. Some of the notable auditoriums in Rohtak are:

  • Shree Ram Auditorium
    Address: Bhiwani Rohtak Road
    New Rajendra clny, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Shri Ram Auditorium
    Address: Rohtak Stn Diary Mohalla
    Rohtak, Haryana
  • Lecture Theater No. 1
    Address: PGIMS Campus
    Maharshi Dayanand University,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001 
  • SBMN Auditorium
    Address: Sec 29, Rohtak, Haryana
    Pin code- 124021
  • Tagore Auditorium
    Address: Baba Ganga Nath Marg
    Maharshi Dayanand University,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001 
  • Maharaja Aggarsen Auditorium
    Address: Rohtak, Haryana
    Pin code- 124001 
  • New Auditorium
    Address: Maharshi Dayanand Univ,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001 
  • Auditorium PGIMS
    Address: PGIMS, PGIMS Road
    Maharshi Dayanand University,
    Rohtak, Haryana, Pin code- 124001
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