Administration in Rohtak

Administration in Rohtak

Rohtak is one of the mostly rapidly growing places in the National Capital region. The place has been witnessing a lot of industrialization as well as real estate boom in the last few years. There are all kinds of basic amenities of life present for the people of the area. There are very good schools and colleges for the kids to study. The Indian Institute of Management established in Rohtak has made the place quite famous. Rohtak is one of the main districts of the state of Haryana. The administration, judicial and legislative systems of this district is quite active in taking care of the needs of the common people living here.

Local and Government Bodies in Rohtak

The district of Rohtak has a couple of sub divisions. They are – Rohtak and Meham respectively. The sub division of Rohtak has a couple of tehsils under its jurisdiction whereas Meham has one tehsil under it. The sub division of Rohtak is also divided into three blocks for better administration. There are all kinds of government bodies in Rohtak that are usually present in any other district of India. There are municipal committees for looking after the needs of the common people. The police stations are there in every locality to maintain the law and order situation. The people are able to easily access the police stations in case they are in some urgent need or danger. The centers of the electricity board and the telephone boards are there for providing efficient services and listening to the grievances of the people. The education department offices make sure that the schools and colleges of the districts are working smoothly.

Important Government Officials

Deepender Singh Hooda is the "Member of Parliament" from Rohtak. He is also the son of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Bhupinder Singh Hooda. The MP has carried out a number of developmental works in his parliamentary constituency and improved the standard of living of the people.
The "Member of Legislative Assembly" from Rohtak is Bharat Bushan Batra. He is responsible for the local issues related to the people of his constituency. He has been doing a commendable job as well.

There is a host of government officials in Rohtak. The District Commissioner is the head of administration in the district. He is assisted in his work by the Additional District Commissioner. The police force is led by the Superintendent of Police. The sub divisions are administered by sub divisional officers and the respective blocks by the Block Development Officers. There are government officials representing the education, electricity, agriculture, treasury and other departments of the state. The people of Rohtak do not have to travel long distances to get their official formalities done. They are able to do so in their district itself.

Courts in Rohtak

Rohtak has the District and Sessions Judges Court at the pinnacle of the judicial system of the district. There are four other Courts of Additional District and Sessions Judges to assist the main court. The legal cases related to property and other issues have their trials in these courts of law. The people of Rohtak are given apt justice by the judges presiding over these courts. The main court was started in the year of 1967. Earlier the Karnal and Rohtak districts had common judicial courts.

At present there is a Labor Court in Rohtak. Here the working labors of the districts can have their pleas heard and get justice. This is a very good facility keeping in mind the needs of the sizeable labor population working in the various industries and real estate projects in the region. The Consumer Court of Rohtak takes care of the consumer rights of the people of the district. The traders of the district are very careful not to do injustice to the consumers. They are brought to task in that case. The Lok Adalat in Rohtak hastens the judicial process which has been slowing down for some years. The cases are put on speed trial at this court and given judgment without much delay.

Prisons in Rohtak

The criminals and miscreants of Rohtak who are sentenced to prison by the District and Sessions Judges Court are kept in the District Jail Rohtak. This is the only prison in the district. The security measures in the prison are very strict. The Director General of Prisons is the head in charge of the prison. He is assisted by other senior police officers of IPS and HPS ranks. The prison has very good network with all the police stations of the district. The common people of the district experience a feeling of safety because of the efficient police officers who are swift and diligent in their work. At present the Superintendent of District Jail Rohtak is Mr. Shishu Pal. 

Important Government Links in Rohtak  

Rohtak being one of the booming places very close to Delhi, the capital of India has a number of important offices and government bodies. The offices have their respective websites. The readers can get to know all the information that they require by visiting the following websites:
  • The national Innovation Foundation was started to encourage innovations in various fields. It’s link is here. The relevant information about the projects is mentioned on the site.
  • The information about the various court cases can be accessed here. This site helps both the lawyers as well as the common people by providing valuable information.
  • The police department has its website here. The common people can lodge their complaints at this site as well.
  • The website of the Haryana Government provides information about the various welfare schemes of the government. The initiatives which are newly announced are also mentioned on the website. Know More Here.

Rohtak is the place to be in the near future, because of the number of development projects that are being executed here. The people of this district live a good life.
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