About Rohtak

About Rohtak

The Rohtak district is positioned at the south east of Haryana. The city is in close proximity to Delhi and is considered under the NCR (National Capital Region). Situated at a distance of 70 Kms from Delhi, the Rohtak city is famous as the political capital of the state of Haryana.

Rohtak is rising as an industrial city which has numerous forthcoming small scale and large scale industries. The IMT (Industrial Model Township) in the Rohtak city has been set up by the HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corp.). IMT houses a number of big industries among which the Hitech Plastics ltd, Maruti Suzuki’s R&D Plant, Footwear Design & Development Institute and Asian Paints ltd are just to name a few.

A Quick History of Rohtak

Rohtak city has been mentioned in the Vedas as the “Rohitaka Giri”, “Rohitaka Kula” or Rohitakapura and the city came into existence more or less 500 BC. Another tale says that Rohtak has derived its name from “Roherra tree” which is popular as the Rohitaka in the Sanskrit language. Some legends say that the city was built by Raja Rohtash and was named as Rohtashgarh in the beginning which later turned into Rohtak.

There have been some recent discoveries of painted grey ware relics in a village called “Girawad” near Rohtak which proves the association of Rohtak with Mahabharata. Apart from this some remains of furnaces and Harappan pottery have also been discovered which are evidences of its association with early Harappan period.

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Geography and Climate of Rohtak

The city of Rohtak is a district headquarters of district Rohtak in the state of Haryana. It is geographically positioned at 28° 54' in the north and 76° 35' in the east. Rohtak is situated at 240 kilometers in the south of city Chandigarh and from the north west of Delhi city its distance is nearly 70 kilometers. The climate of Rohtak city is similar to the other districts which come in the Haryana state. 

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Rohtak Tourism

Rohtak Tourism

While exploring the bustling city of Rohtak one can find beautiful temples, lakes, picnic spots and mosques which represent the culture and architectural heritage of the city. With the development of new industries more and more people are getting attracted to the city of Rohtak. All in all, the city remains packed with a plethora of visitors from different cities throughout the year.  
The major tourist attractions of Rohtak are:
  • Bhindawas Lake
  • Tilyar Lake
  • Khokar Fort
  • Goakaran Tank
  • Baba Mast Nath Math
  • Jama masjid
  • Dini Mosque
  • Durga Bhawan Mandir
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Gufa wala Mandir
  • Digambar Jain Mandir
  • Sai Temple
  • Radha Krishna Mandir

Culture of Rohtak

The famous arts and culture of Rohtak can be seen in the folk theatres or “Saangs” which are devoted to the ancient Gods. These Saangs consist of a folk song and a tale is enacted in the form of “Ballad”. Apart from these folk songs that are made for specific rituals and festivals are also quite popular among the locals. Among folk dances the Gugga, Chatti, Loor, Jhumar and Teej dance are some of the noteworthy dances which are performed with immense pleasure. Pottery is the main craft in the rural areas. Besides the pottery items some local handicrafts like- brass candle holders, handmade lanterns, picture frames, antique metal crafts and iron art wares are also crafted by the outstanding and skilled craftsmen.

Shopping in Rohtak

Shopping in Rohtak

The Shouri cloth market in Rohtak is a must-visit for shopping purpose. This market is considered to be the largest cloth market in Asia. Apart from this to shop for grocery, furniture, electronics, garments jewelry etc. there are various markets like- Palika bazaar, Sector 14 market, Sector 2 and sector 3 markets, Old housing board colony market and the Ramkali market. Among shopping malls the notable ones are the – Merion Sky Mall, Sheetal lifestyle mall and the Agro mall.

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Food in Rohtak

Rohtak abounds with bakeries, Dhabas, fast food restaurants, liquor shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Pappu bakery located in the Ashoka Chowk, Rohtak is worth mentioning among the other Rohtak bakeries. Bikaner sweets and Gulab Rewari are renowned sweet shops in Rohtak for the sweet lovers.

Nagpal is an eatery located near the railway road in Rohtak which you can bank on for the best dosas and chole bhature. Bitto burger wala, McDonald’s and Annpurna can be banked on for the best fast food in Rohtak. Among restaurants the Tilyar lake restaurant, Myna restaurant and the Annapurna restaurant in Rohtak stand out from the rest. The “Gajak” and “Rewari” in Rohtak is well-known throughout the country.

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Transportation in Rohtak

Being an industrial town Rohtak boasts of amicable transport facilities. The transport is Rohtak is in the hands of Haryana Transport department. Plenty of private and state buses, cabs and taxis are available in Rohtak for the residents in the city to commute locally.

Rohtak junction is the main rail head of Rohtak. The city is well-connected to the other big cities via Indian Railways. Rohtak doesn’t have any airport, the nearest airport from Rohtak is the Delhi airport from where one can avail flights to travel to the other parts of India and abroad.
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