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Weekend Getaways from Rohtak

Rohtak is developing parallel to Haryana. As it lies in the center of the state, it is probably called as “heart of Haryana”. Rohtak is well connected with Gurgaon, having one of the leading automobile industries, Maruti Udyog. Being the part of the developed state like Haryana, apart from industrial and agricultural aspects, Rohtak is also known for its great tourism.

Weekend Getaways fron Rohtak

There are several places in and around Rohtak which you can explore in your weekends and also which reflect the culture and lifestyle of Haryana and its several districts. Let us know them. Some of the Weekend Getaways from Rohtak are as follows:
  • Sohna
  • Faridabad
  • Karnal
  • Nuh
  • Palwal
  • Narnaul
  • Meham
  • Hisar

Sohna from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak: 110 km
Although Sohna is a 1 hour 35 minutes journey from Rohtak but sometimes due to factors like traffic jam or poor road conditions can lead to more time consumption to reach Sohna. The miniature town is well known for its tourist attraction for the family and conference retreat of the business executives. It serves as a great place to see and experience. Approximately 30,000 is the number of population in Sohna. Being situated in the butte of the Aravalli it is well known for its hot springs.

How to reach Sohna from Rohtak
Sohna and Rohtak are well connected by roads. One can hire private cab or can buy the tickets for the buses going to Sohna from Rohtak. Though there are different modes of transport, booking a private cab is the safest and fastest mode to reach Sohna on time without fuss. They can be booked on the spot or online in advance.

Faridabad from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak: 109 km approximately

The distance between Faridabad and Rohtak is approximately 109 km and can be covered in 2 hours and 20 minutes approximately depending on the traffic and the road conditions. If the current condition of traffic is taken into account, it takes around 2 hours and 47 minutes to reach Faridabad from Rohtak.

Things to do in Faridabad

How to reach Faridabad from Rohtak
There are seven direct trains to Faridabad from Rohtak; some of them include U. A. Toofan express, Andaman Express, Punjab Mail, Himsagar Express, etc. The distance can also be easily covered by private cabs or hired taxis available through various travel agents. Prior booking of trains and taxis can lead to safe and comfortable journey for the tourists.

Karnal from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak: 107 km

Karnal, another small town of Haryana is 107 kms away from Rohtak and it takes about 2 hours to complete the journey between the two cities. Karnal is also well connected with different cities of India and it lies on Rail Line of Delhi and Ambala. Famous for its world class development and research institutes, it has also paved the way in aspects of tourism.

Things to do in Karnal

How to reach Karnal from Rohtak
Basically, there are two trains that account to the needs of the people traveling between Rohtak and Karnal. The cheapest way to reach Karnal from Rohtak is by train. Roads are also preferable if a person favors to drive a private car or hires a taxi from Rohtak.

Nuh from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak- 115 km
Nuh is the headquarters of Haryana’s Mewat district that lies on the highway of Delhi to Alwar. The distance to Nuh from Rohtak is 115 kms approximately. It takes about one and a half hours to reach Nuh from Rohtak.
Things to do in Nuh

How to reach Nuh from Rohtak
Various buses and taxis can be fetched from the Rohtak Terminus for travelling to Nuh. Even taxis can be hired if budget is not a bar for the tourists. Road conditions may vary so it’s important to choose the mode of transport as per the conditions demand.

Palwal from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak- 135 km approx
Palwal is a municipal council and headquarter of one of the 21 districts of Haryana namely Palwal. Well known for its cotton trade in Haryana, the city also attracts swarms of tourists every weekend. The legend says that Mahatma Gandhi was arrested first in Palwal railway station by British officers after the Jalianwallah Bagh massacre.

Things to do in Palwal

How to reach Palwal from Rohtak
The distance can be covered by trains, buses and cars which are easily available through city travel offices or through online sites which offers number of facilities to travel from Rohtak to Palwal in a short span of time. Buses and cars are easily available from the Rohtak terminus. People with cheap budget prefer to travel through the modes of roads and rails.

Narnaul from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak- nearly 122 km
Narnaul is quite far from Rohtak with 122 kilometers of distance. It is the distance between the Narnaul bus stand and Rohtak. One can reach Narnaul from Rohtak in almost 2 hours of journey by various transportation modes. The region is dominated by Yadavs after the battle of Narnaul in 1857 between Pran Sukh Yadav and Rao Tula Ram of Rewari.

Things to do in Narnaul

How to reach Narnaul from Rohtak
Paschim express, Chetak Express and PTK DLI Express are the trains between Narnaul and Rohtak. People generally prefer to travel through buses or private cabs to enjoy the journey with roadside views.

Meham from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak- 32 kms approx

Tourist places near Rohtak

Meham is a well connected city with other districts of Haryana. It takes around 35 to 40 minutes to reach Meham from Rohtak if the conditions of traffic and road remain stable. A proposal of introducing a Cargo Airport is accepted to smoothen the business activities of Meham.

How to reach Meham from Rohtak
Meham is easily accessible by roads and the nearest railway station of Meham is Hansi where several trains arrive from Rohtak. Private cars are also a fast mode to reach this district nearest to Rohtak.

Hisar from Rohtak

Distance from Rohtak- nearly 95 kilometer
Hisar is situated nearly 95 kilometer away from Rohtak. Time taken to reach Hisar is about 2 hours approximately. Generally the conditions of the roads are well and good but due to traffic jam it can take variable time to reach Hisar.

Things to do in Hisar

How to reach Hisar from Rohtak
Hisar is a well developed district of Haryana and so it is also well connected with all the major cities including Rohtak. Modes of transport by rail and road are available in large numbers. Private cabs can also be hired from the Bus Terminus of Rohtak.

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